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WINDSURFING range of TOP BRANDS is OFFERED. Yes, you SAVE and get GUIDANCE on the best deals available. We will source the best pre-owned or demo kit for you. We know most of the test-riders locally hence can give you the BEST guidance in making your selection. Email your enquiries to:

This online store will UNIQUELY focus on supplying top brands with an emphasis on offering “SPECIAL OFFERS, Pre-Owned and Clearance deals.”

We LOVE windsurfing and highly recommend watching these channels:

Always a great experience on the Windsurfing calendar is the Aloha classic, with many brands involved:

Watch this MAGNIFICENT video: OFFICIAL – PWA NoveNove Aloha Classic Pro MEN – Highlights

We highly recommend Windsurf Magazine as the go to place, for brilliant reviews (Click on the pic to view articles)

WIND conditions now (Click on the pic below) Courtesy of Windy:

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