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Craig Metrowich launches “windsurfsports” ecommerce online store: “wind_surf_sports” [ www.windsurfsports.com ]This online store will UNIQUELY focus on sourcing & supplying top brands with an emphasis on offering “SPECIAL OFFERS, Pre-Owned and Clearance deals.”


The Grip is our new all-in-one wave weapon. The favourite board of World Champion Victor Fernandez, you’re going to love this red hot performance stick too. Set your Grip and rip! (Source: https://www.fanatic.com/product/grip-te/ )

Craig Metrowich is an Extreme Sportsman [ #RSA7171 ] Professional INSPIRATIONAL Speaker and an Entrepreneur. [See: YouTUBE video]

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Jason Polakow [KA-1111] from the JP team on the Ultimate Wave board in Maui, Hawaii (USA). Photo: Thorsten Indra